Habbi Habbi

I'm Taiwanese American. I grew up speaking Taiwanese as my first language in my home because of my mom and my grandma who raised me and my sister. 
I also speak Mandarin Chinese and English, but both of those languages were taught through school, watching television and speaking it amongst my friends and family. 

I believe Mandarin Chinese is an important language to learn for the future of my children. I wish I was more diligent in teaching Mandarin Chinese to my kids, but having an all-American Caucasian Husband makes it harder for me to naturally speak it around my kids. Additionally, my natural language to speak to my sister and family members is Taiwanese, not Mandarin. 

That's where the Habbi Habbi books come in. They come with a handy (and super interactive) Reading Wand that reads out loud words and phrases in both English and Mandarin. Even the illustrations are tappable - and the instant feedback is so fun for the kids! (It also means there is so much content beyond what is printed on the page!) Indie is 4 years old and had such a fun time going through every single book. She naturally repeated the words back, after the Wand spoke, which was exciting to hear!  

I also love that Habbi Habbi is a women-owned small business. You can learn more about their starter sets on their websiteThey also offer their sets in Spanish (accessible with the same Wand!) A definite fun and approved product that we love!