We're big fans of Dockatot - mainly because we start off co-sleeping with our littles and have used our Dockatots with my first baby and now my second! Dockatot has helped us and our babies sleep more comfortably at night knowing they're safe in their own "bed" within our bed! 

Not only that, it's transferrable from room to room - making your time easier to manage as your baby naps! We all know the first 3 months of a baby's life they sleep quiiiiite a lot! That means more time for you to get things done or rest (sleep when the baby sleeps, they say). The Dockatot is easy to pick up and move to one room to another as you do the dishes, prepare a snack for yourself or finish some laundry!

We even use our Dockatots when we travel and it's been an easy to to make our kids feel right at home anywhere we go!