One of our favorite bags, ever! This was my Hospital bag when I was pregnant with Indie Rey and I reused it for Sienna, too!

I love the Overnighter for an easy pack with the compartments on the sides. It's also a great traveling bag - it's my go-to bag for on-the plane to keep our toys, diapers, wipes, blankets, etc. I've used this size for my Hospital bag and here are a list of things I brought with me in my Hospital Bag!

Hospital Bag:

  • Photo ID, Birthing plan, paperwork, etc.
  • Eyeglasses, eye solution
  • Cellphone charger
  • Hairband, hairtie, hair anything you need to help you in Labor
  • Change of clothes after birth. Let's be real, giving birth is messy, lots of fluid and frankly you're naked the entire time. Once you get a chance to take that first shower (oh, the best feeling everrrr) you'll want a fresh outfit to change into. This includes your maternity bra! 
  • Don't worry about the underwear. They provide the comfy stretchable briefs for you that allows you to pile on those pads, ice pads, witching pads, and all that good stuff to help you heal!
  • A bag of toiletries that'll make you feel alive. After the first night of giving birth, you'll be so exhausted. But with that first shower you'll feel refreshed and ready take a thousand pictures of your baby (and you) for memories keepsake. Pack a toiletries bag and throw in that colored lip balm. You'll thank yourself!
  • Baby's first outfit to go home in. Once you're ready to go home, you'll want a comfy outfit that'll protect baby's little hands, feet and body! A few favorite I personally love are Loved Baby, Goumi Kids, and Finn and Emma.
  • I brought my own pillow and blanket as well since I stayed overnight :) 

The Weekender is a perfect getaway bag with the best compartments for my two girls. It keeps everything organized, clean and separate so I can find it easily when we're in a rush!