If you have a toddler, you know just how much you'd have to lug around. Their water, snacks, toys (just in case!), diapers, wipes, change of clothes, water for yourself, and I think the list just goes on and on! Luckily for us, we discovered the stroller of all strollers - Austlen Entourage.

Yes, Mamas. It's the magic "hold it all" kind of stroller. The type you'd want when you're out all day going from brunch to the park to having a picnic and swinging by the grocery store before headed home. Yup. It'll hold all that and more! With over 30 handy configurations, holds up to 150 lbs (yes, it can even hold your luggages!), and offers a dual car seat compatibility - you never have to buy another stroller AGAIN! 

We loved the durability of the stroll and how stable it was holding all the "stuff" and still having a comfy seat for your baby! Follow them at @austlen on Instagram and hurry up and add this to your baby registry now!

All photos by Christin Smith