Essentials for the 1st month with your newborn!

The 1st month with your baby can be so overwhelming, exciting and exhausting. We rounded up the essentials you'll need for that very first month with your newborn baby! Those sleepless nights, night feedings, and learning how to transition with a new baby can get the best of you. Not to worry! We're here to help. (Starting from top right)

  • Whether you're breastfeeding or giving formula milk, it doesn't matter! A personal favorite has always been Comotomo. My baby was spoiled rotten and was breastfed exclusively. She might have had a bottle 3 times in her life, and the only ones she took was the
  • Everyone knows when a Newborn is born, they come with those sharp clawing nails and cold feet! That's why it's important to be prepared with the stay-on mitts by Goumi and super comfy socks - we like the Etiquette socks
  • A personal favorite is the entire Nuna line - from their car seat to their strollers. Bringing your baby home for the first time can be half exciting and half scary. Keep them safe in the super comfortable and design smart Pipa! 
  • Alright, Mamas! You know you'll be worried about getting back into shape, but don't make that a priority until you got things settled in with the new baby! That's why the handy Belly Bandit band is here to help you get started while you do chores around the house, recover from the labor, and enjoy that one-on-one with your baby! 
  • We all know swaddling makes a baby feel safe, warm and just like their womb-like space in that entire 9 months before coming into our world! I have tried all sorts of swaddles, and we loved the Margaux & May for it's super large size and 100% organic cotton material! 
  • I don't know about you, but I was always so darn thirsty. The entire pregnancy and through breastfeeding. ThisBubba Jug was my best friend! 
  • The first 2 weeks I think I had my baby in the short sleeve "kimono" style shirts since the umbilical cord has to fall off on its own. My go-to onesies are the long sleeves from GoatMilkNYC and Carters simple white long sleeves. At night, I love the Gap baby footies, Kickee Pants, or Finn and Emma footies. 
  • We believe in co-sleeping the first few months, especially if you're breast feeding. It lowers the risk of SIDS, it makes it easier for you to feed and you're with your baby at all times. I loooooved the Dock-A-Tot for my baby since I could simply mobilize her anytime while she's sleeping and it was a great fit for her to sleep in our bed between my husband and I.