Indie Rey

A few weeks before I unexpectedly went into early labor, I became intrigued with asking my friends and family their labor stories and even going online to read about other labor experiences! I was terrified of the unknown. What would the contractions feel like? How will I handle the pain? Can I really successfully have a natural birth? Am I strong enough for this? 
And before I knew it, my baby girl had decided to come early (38 weeks). I was in the middle of shipping bundles for the month and I had expected ten days or so later - and sure enough, my mucus plug came out. I went to the bathroom and saw a little bit of blood and I immediately thought, "oh shit! is it really happening now?!" I wasn't even packed. I wasn't even prepared. It was 1 am and all I had planned for was to enjoy my Sunday working on the shipment. 

I immediately called my doctor and at the time, I wasn't feeling much of any contractions, so she told me to go to sleep for the night. About 30-45 minutes later, I felt the contractions occur much more frequently and I just couldn't sleep. I called the doctor again letting her know the contractions were about 3 to 5 minutes a part and she said, "Sounds about right. You should come in." And there we were, at around 2:30am, packing our bags and going to the hospital.

When we arrived, I was about 3cm-5cm dilated and my contractions were stronger and stronger over time. I survived 12 hours of natural labor and just couldn't get to 10cm. I was hanging out at 9cm for four hours before my doctor suggested c-section or an epidural. I had planned for a natural birth, but like they say, birthing never goes your way. I chose epidural. Another (yea, really) 12 hours on epidural, I was exhausted! I didn't sleep at all, and I've just been in excruciating pain. I pushed for 3 hours and Indie's head was slightly crooked. My midwife had to guide me with the pushing and eventually Indie Rey pooped inside me! YEAH! The doctor told me I had 30 minutes to push her out or I'd have to have a c-section. That's when I pushed with all my might and out came my Indie Rey Contino. (After 27 hours!)

Now that I am a mom - I understand now. It's a full circle. Love Your Mother. The women body is a temple of adaptation and creation. It's absolutely incredible what we can do. The strength and will power to give birth is one thing, but mothering and loving another human being forever is an incredible gift and journey that I am so lucky to experience.  We try our best every day, and to be a mom and try to accomplish everything else - well, I think all moms are super heros and unicorns. xx - Annie
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