was due on 10/1, but I had a feeling he would come early. Everyone always says that the first baby comes late, but I just knew my boy was coming early. I kept going to the date 9/28 - my wedding anniversary.

On 9/24, a Saturday, I started to get contractions. They lasted all day and at varying intensities. We kept texting my doula who gave us the annoying response of "this is your body's way of warming up." But I knew these contractions were real! We eventually started timing them and at times they were coming less than 5 minutes apart. Nothing happened that day, the contractions kept coming all day and night but there was no rhyme or reason. I had barely gotten any sleep that night.
Sunday came and the same thing - contractions coming and going, but no rhyme or reason. We went to brunch and I went to the bathroom and my mucus plug had dropped! I was so excited! Labor was near! But by Sunday night, there was no change. I barely slept that night.

Monday came and it was the same thing. I was going crazy. Contractions kept coming and going but not progressing anywhere. I barely slept Monday night.

On 9/27, a Tuesday, I lay down in the morning and had a talk with Dash. I discussed various dates that he could come, and I told him how badly we wanted him to come that week! I said, "September 28th is a great date. It's the day your dad and I were married. Now if you wanted to come on the 28th, I would be willing to give you that date. We can figure out a different day to celebrate our anniversary." I got out of bed and moved our dog's large food bag into the dining room and my water instantly broke!

The plan was to labor at home, but i tested positive for GBS so I had to go to the hospital fairly quickly. Once at the hospital more water came out. I think I got admitted at 2pm, and 13 hours and 59 minutes later Dash would be born.

Labor-- oh man, labor was a trip. The only thing I can equate it to is a bad drug trip. It was like being on acid but getting hurt at the same time. I was out of my body but also more in tune with my body than ever before. I was most successful when I was laboring in the bathroom. I was in a large tub and then also sitting on the toilet. It felt like someone was banging a hammer against my tailbone. At one point my feet and my hands fell asleep. The sensation of limbs falling asleep while also needing to move because of the contractions was terrible.

My intention was to not use any drugs. When I was between 8-9cm (12AM) I tapped out. I got an epidural and I got fentanyl. My body was so physically and mentally exhausted. I hadn't slept since 9/23 Friday night. I was done. The epidural kicked in almost immediately. Matt took a nap for two hours and I drifted in and out of a haze. Eventually, I felt something pressing up and down on my vagina. I realized it was Dash's head and that he was ready to come out. I was so tired that I decided not to tell anyone. I was hoping he would just slide out! Eventually they came to check me and discovered I was +3 dilated and it was time to push! Pushing was hard because I couldn't feel ANYTHING!

Dash arrived on our third wedding anniversary - September 28th at 3:59 AM.

-Mama Carolyn Coombs
Owner of Keep It Classical Pilates